WHO: The Cause of Coronavirus

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Wild animals have been identified as the link allowing the deadly disease to jump to humans, similar to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002 and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) in 2012.

Due to this research WHO has alerted wildlife trafficking and consumption countries to ramped up measures in this regard.

On January 28, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc ordered a ban on imports of wild animals into Vietnam.

The Forest Protection Department also temporarily prohibited the transport of wild animals outside the provincial territory, or out of their current locations within Vietnam, according to an official document released two weeks ago.

How these directives are being implemented and how much action has been taken to address the root causes remains unclear, however, said Dr Ben Rawson of World Wildlife Fund in Vietnam.

“There is currently no direct ban on consumption of wildlife, which is the driver for illegal transport and illegal trade within the provinces,” Rawson told Al Jazeera.

Illegal markets, restaurants and farms, where animals are caged, slaughtered, stored and served to buyers with no proper hygiene, may be largely unaffected by actions so far, as “it may not involve movement of wildlife across provincial borders which is restricted,” he noted.