United States Records 6,524 Cases; Deaths toll rises to 116

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At least 116 deaths in the United States have now been linked to the coronavirus, according to database that is tracking and mapping every known case in the country as more people are tested.

On Tuesday evening, West Virginia became the 50th state to report a case.

The 116 deaths, all announced in the last three weeks, came as the number of known coronavirus cases in the United States jumped to 6,524 on Wednesday.

Hundreds more people are learning they have the illness each day, including more than 800 diagnoses on both Monday and Tuesday, as the nation’s testing capacity has grown significantly and as the virus spreads.

About half the country’s reported deaths have been in Washington State, including at least 30 linked to a long-term care facility in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland. Most of those who have died from the virus have been in their 60s or older, and several have been in their 90s. But other patients who died have been younger, including a corrections worker in New York City in his 50s and a man from the Seattle area in his 40s.

As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic hit the job market, the damage is likely to be much deeper and longer lasting than seemed possible even a week ago.

Marriott International, the hotel operator, said Tuesday that it would begin furloughing tens of thousands of employees worldwide. Restaurants, coffee shops, gyms and other small businesses have begun laying off workers outright. On Monday, a flood of inquiries from newly jobless New Yorkers crashed the website for the state’s unemployment insurance system.

“Everyone is afraid to hire,” said Angela Gervasi, 24, who is suddenly looking for work after being let go by her employer, a Philadelphia restaurant.

Relatively few companies outside the hospitality industry have announced significant job cuts so far, with many saying they will continue to pay employees even while they are closed.But that cushion seems unsustainable. Most small businesses do not have the financial buffer to pay workers for long if revenue dries up.

As the economic toll of the coronavirus has grown, the White House called for urgent action to speed $1 trillion into the economy,

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told senators that about $250 billion of the stimulus plan would cover the cost of sending checks to Americans to replace about two weeks of their wages. Mr. Mnuchin also said that Mr. Trump had instructed him to allow taxpayers to put off paying income taxes that are due April 15 for 90 days without penalty or interest.