Clar Marie Weah tests positive for coronavirus
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Breaking: Clar Marie Weah tests positive for coronavirus

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Information we’re picking indicates that the First Lady of the Republic of Liberia Clar Marie Weah has reportedly tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

The first lady is said to have brought the virus from Jamaica, when she visited her family about a week ago.

Nathaniel Balma, the head of Liberia’s Environmental Protection Agency, was the firt to test positive for the virus after traveling to Switzerland and returning last Friday.

The announcement reportedly caused panic in the Liberian capital Monrovia, with residents rushing to buy hand sanitizers and face masks.

The second to test positive for the coronavirus is the houseboy of Nathaniel Balma.

The first lady’s case makes the number of cases in Liberia 3, but we’re yet to confirm whether or not the first lady’s case is true or not.

The global death toll from the virus is now around 6,400, with nearly 165,000 cases, according to the World Health Organization, which declared the outbreak a pandemic.