ZAMBIA National Public Health Institute

2 out of the 3 suspected coronavirus cases test positive -ZNPHI

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ZAMBIA National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI) country director Professor Victor Mukonka has announced that two out of the three suspected coronavirus cases that were under investigations have tested positive.

Speaking at a press briefing, on Covid-19, Prof Mukonka said over 1,000 people had been screened so far. And that only two out of the many suspected cases turned out to be positive

Egypt has 59 cases but we must worry in the southern region because we now have DRC with one case and the number of cases in South Africa is seven. So it is not something that is very far, it has come and it is going to hit Africa too. The good news is that most of the African countries now have the capacity to make the diagnosis.

We have at least 53 countries who are able to do that. Since the outbreak started, we have been screening at our ports of entry. We have screened from the affected countries 1,225.

Of these, we have right now 602 whom we are following. And we have 369 that have completed observation after 14 days. We have had 25 alerts once we moved in intensively, and investigating, taking the samples, the good news is that they have turned out to be negative.” Prof Mukonka said.

He explained the measures that government had put in place to prevent the disease.